Mickey Hearn

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My philosophy:

I have always been drawn to the outdoors, especially water. I get lost in the hypnosis of splashing waves in the ocean, and experience a true spiritual cleansing just listening to the rhythm of a gentle stream.  Even a raging waterfall instills a sense of peace that can only be found in nature. There is beauty to be found in the tiniest insect on the petal of a flower, a water droplet on a leaf, or even a soaring bird of prey swooping in for a meal. In spite of the suffering of its prey, it is this cycle of life that commands our respect and appreciation.  I feel a deep connection to nature, and a personal commitment to do my part to preserve and protect it. 

I stand in constant amazement at how forgiving our earth can be, always trying to recover and mend herself from the catastrophic destruction continuously imposed upon her. And I believe we all have the moral obligation to leave the smallest footprint on her we can, so that generations to come can live in harmony with her magnificent grace and beauty.

Wherever I'm shooting, practicing responsible and ethical photography is my priority.  I consider myself a guest in nature, careful not to be too intrusive. And like any considerate guest, understanding  boundaries, and knowing when it's time to leave,  leaving nothing behind.  By practicing good stewardship, I hope to encourage others to do the same .

My personal life:

I'm a Georgia native, and grew up in the city of Atlanta. The south has always been my home and I currently try to divide my time between my permanent residence in the N.E. Georgia town of Jefferson and my Lake Sinclair home in Middle Georgia. Between the two I have yet to run out amazing places to visit and photograph. I have a bit of a restless soul, always looking for new adventures and opportunities but find no greater comfort than when I walk through door of the place I call home.

My family:

Among my immediate family are my son Christopher, who left this earth way too early in life but walked so gently upon it while he was here; My beautiful daughter Denisia who's one of the most compassionate people I've ever known, and a true friend of the earth. And I could do none of this without the amazing support and encouragement of my loving husband, David, who understands and appreciates the drive of my passion, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. And I can't leave out my wonderful son-in- law and grandchildren that give added joy to my life. I am truly thankful that God has blessed me with them.    

......And then there's my dog Buddy. My best friend, companion and sidekick that accompanies me almost everywhere I go.  He is a sweet, gentle giant that's never met a stranger. You may see him from time to time in my images. After all it's only deserving he get a little credit for having to leave his cozy warm bed in the middle of winter to catch the light of an early morning sunrise, or trek through the sweltering heat and humidity of summer to simply witness dramatic storm clouds move across a pasture of freshly baled hay.

But enough about me. Take a browse through my galleries and I hope you will be inspired to see life through a different lens. One that calls you to action. To be the person that makes a difference in our world. To give back to nature for all it's given to us.

 "Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For indeed, that's all who ever have."  MARGARET MEAD